Döntsön a minőség mellett és az hosszabb távon sokkal kevesebbe fog kerülni Önnek!

How to take a sauna?

Dear Sauna Fan!

One of the most important things in our rushing life is to save our health and to take care of our body, soul and spirit. Using saunas look back on a thousand years old past at the northern people. The appearance of the sauna went through many changes as time passed by. During this time sauna has been always used for the same function. Sauna is wide-spread on almost the whole world.

Systemic use of the sauna is good not only for releasing stess, strengthen the immune system, improve metabolism but for achieving a better life style and relaxation.

How to take a sauna in classic saunas?

Find one - one and a half hour to take sauna in classic sauna because we can attain the needed influence by repeating the phases one by one.


Always take a shower and wipe ourselves before taking a sauna. We need to take a shower in order that the pores of skin become clean. We need to wipe ourselves in order not to influence the humidity of the sauna.


Relax for 5-15 minutes by sitting in the cabin, of course naked. If the local etiquette does not make it possible to be naked try to avoid using synthetic clothes because they damp down the ventilation of the skin. Wind a terry towel around ourselves! We can listen to music, enjoy the color lights of the cabin and absorb the scent of the aroma therapy.


Sometimes sprinkle some water on the stones. We can put some drop of aroma-oil in the water.


Chill ourselves after sauna by a shower or using a tub (cold water) to emit some inner heat. Repeat points 2-3-4 several times. At the end take a tepid shower.


After that relax on fresh air. Have some juice, mineral water or other liquid.


Have a massage or solarium to make the whole process more delightful.

How to take an infrared sauna?

You should use the infrared sauna for 30-40 minutes. Toxic substances (for example lead, dioxin, cadmium, nickel, copper, sodium) don’t dissolve in water, only in body fat. This is why these substances can’t be cleared from our body by sweating in a traditional sauna or in a thermal bath. Medical researches show that 97% of our sweat in a normal sauna consists of water. In the infrared sauna it is only 80%, the other 20% consist of fat, cholesterol, heavy metals and acids dissolving in fat.


You should always have a shower and dry yourself before taking a sauna.


The temperature of the cabin is 30-60 °C. You should relax for 30-40 minutes, even by using music or light therapy.!


Finally you should cool yourself gradually starting with lukewarm water.