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Sauna building material

The special conditions in the sauna (humidity, temperature variation) make serious demands on the building materials. Galla sauna cabins are built of high-quality northern spruce and Scotch fir, tropical abachi wood which is used in a growing quantity because of its extraordinary properties and Canadian red cedar.

  1. Tropical abachi wood panelling 13/96 mm, round edged
    Building material of luxury saunas. It has a very fine surface, loose structure, is clean-boled and resin free, light coloured, has excellent insulating quality, low thermal conductivity and doesn’t grow hot.

  2. Canadian red cedar panelling 13/96 mm
    Building material of exclusive saunas. Its colour changes from very light brown to reddish dark brown shades. It is a resin free durable wood with a nice cedar scent. The annual rings are well visible.

  3. Northern spruce panelling 14/96 mm
    It is a slow growing knotted tree with visible annual rings, round edges and poor in resin. Building material of classic saunas.

  4. Larch panelling 13/96 mm
    It is a strong, long-lasting reddish timber, relatively low knotted and resistant to environmental effects. Building material of unique saunas and outdoor saunas.

  5. Abachi batten 21/96, 25/96 and 33/96 mm
    Building material for benches, back and head-rests in the sauna as well as for complementary parts. It is clean-boled and resin free, has low thermal conductivity.

  6. Components of outdoor saunas
    Outer walls are built of 45 mm thick (spruce, pine, larch) elements with insulating and vapour barrier foil, inside panelling.