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Introduction of the Galla Szauna

We hope that soon we can meet personally and greet You among our customers also. Please - before decision - inquire thoroughly since your sauna and infrared sauna you buy not only for one year but for a "lifetime". Do not let yourself to be abused by the popular price! Choose the balanced brand sith these products are able to give you what you are looking for. We would like to assist you by our website and in private, too.

Áts László, Galla Szauna

We have been dealing with building saunas with exertion of our Finnish acquaintances and experiences since 1992. Our enterprise became one of Hungary's leading sauna-builder companies during the years. Our skilled technicians, commercial vehicles, large manufacturing capacity, stock in hand of materials and goods can make us work in good quality and with short deadline. The building materials we use are made exclusively for this purpose and have excellent quality.

Out products quality is characterized by the many award we received from International Sales and Exhibitions. You can find our saunas both in private houses and in communal places.

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  • Fitness-clubs, pensions in Budapest, Celdömölk, Győr, Alsópáhok, Sopron, Szombathely, etc.